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My Name is Beauty Brass
Umm, hello.
My name is Beauty Brass.
I am a musician in the "Four Hooves" ensemble in Canterlot. I've been asked by my band-mates to write my part for our joint autobiography.
I'm not the writer I used to be so instead of telling you what is used to be like, I am just going to use the diaries I kept from when I was younger so one may see first-hoof about my life.
I grew up with my very loving, working class parents on the road touring across Equestria. I was always the quiet mare I am today, but I still liked to express myself. I didn't get my cutie mark until I was an older filly, but I still love my little tuba bell. A friend helped me get it, but that's a long story.
This is a set of diary extracts from my time at school when our band was made.
Dear Diary,
Tomorrow morning is my first day of school. I got my cutie mark two weeks ago and my parents were so proud, they wanted me to join a special school for musicians. I get to stay in a big room with other foals. I am going to m
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The Drinkers :Collab:
In a pub in the outskirts of town,
with walls of tinted glass coloured brown,
red stools, with finely crafted wooden tables,
a single, dark blue colt sits by the bar on his own with empty stools all around,
out of choice though as you might not think,
he's been working all night and needs a good morning drink,
the bartender asks
"Same again?" while pouring another glass,
of port in the colt's sight.
He pays for all the drinks he's had that night, then takes a sip of the strong brew,
and hangs his head on his weary hoof, wondering what he can do today,
but before the drink reaches the wood of the bar,
a sudden chill rushes up his back,
he simply thinks the door is ajar, without so much as turning to look back.
From across the bar, in walks a yellow Pegasus with his wings folded back,
his eyes droopy and bored,
his fetlocks unshorn, he slowly walks his way to the bar and he sits,
he asks for what he's craving,
"I'll have a bottle of absinth sixty six".
The barman serves him his request
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How I Met Beauty
  Usually you wouldn't see me do any heavy lifting being a thin tall colt, but with the funding for my observatory running out, I needed the money. After some looking around, I was lucky enough to get work as a roadie for the great Weird Al Flankovick. Not a bad job, work is simple, great music to listen to. It felt weird working with other ponies. I am used to being all by myself in the dark with no help.
Meeting people wasn't the issue, I simple preferred to be by myself. To this day I still feel that way, only seeing people when I go shopping for food and what have you. But there was one pony there whom I liked a lot.
The first week was a little rough. I haven't lifted anything heavier than a lens cap for most of my life, and here I was moving giant amplifiers and putting old and damaged instruments into this pile of brass and wood. The band got rather excited some-times and smashed their stuff at the end of a song.
After my first week of work I was relaxing
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Ivory 'Moose' Scope by PureZOOKS Ivory 'Moose' Scope :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 3 0
Feon, Part 26: The Penultimate
The next day, I woke up and I was still in this cave with Fafnir and Hun-Hun; they seemed like nice people and I wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere new, but mother nature had a different plan. The underwater cave began to fill with water where before there was an air pocket, and the cave itself began to shake like there was an earthquake coming. He quickly swam up to the beach and stayed for a little while, then the ground beneath out feet cracked open. And like a terribly written film, the crack opened up right below me and I fell into the earth. But because there was a sea next to it, it filled with water and I was swept out to sea, and the other two stood there and waved at me. I was a wee bit pissed off at that.
But thanks to the air trapped in my mane I could float out to the horizon safely without getting tired. I was stranded I the ocean for just a  few minutes before a boat came along with a single fisherman, or rather fisherwoman aboard. A brown haired hedgehog with g
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Feon, Part 25: The Mistrust
I ran through the market place, over wagons of fruit and noodle shops. I leapt into a very wide alley way and I saw three kids playing together. One of whom I knew. Mr. Scorch the Cat. Only now he was a big kid, and was playing with two friends, a young light blue fox named Soul and a cross breed girl called Brook. And they weren't screaming, they were laughing together. Scorched introduced them to me and it turns out they were all I.Ps now. Lovely people, playful, having adventures saving the day, it was sweet. I don't know why Tikal was saying that the I.Ps were such bad people, they are all so nice.
I spoke to them and they said they were solving a mystery about missing cookies. I chuckled and followed on from what they wanted. Scorch nowadays was married to Blaze and they had a house and a kitten on the way. Brook taught kids her martial arts and fought off evil spirits, and Soul was a kitten being looked after by Brook. We played together for many hours until night fall then they
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Feon, Part 24: The Vampire
I coward away from her as she floated off of the ground towards me, slowly and surely. I was crawling on my hands and knees backwards to a wall and into a corner of the room, I was sure she was going to kill me. Then she bent over about to bite me, I tensed up and closed my eyes, ready for death. Before she bit me, she giggled, stood upright and said, "You really think I was going to bite you kitty?", It was a joke, I was going to live. She held out a hand and helped me up saying that I was too pure a breed to convert to a vampire. So she walked into the kitchen and made tea, she was a lovely woman, she was just toying around.
As we spoke I learnt so much about what Tikal was putting me through. Damusk said about her master losing control and allowing her to roam free. She has never met her creator but she knew she created her well. Something unlike Damusk created such an interesting person. She was intelligent, strong and was a proud woman, she fought for what she wanted and got what-
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Feon Through the Ages by PureZOOKS Feon Through the Ages :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 0 20
Feon, Part 23: The Sequel
I said good-bye to my family as they went out to meet their friends as I walked out side of the house I inherited from my mother, as well as 2 million pounds for my family; she said that I would meet her but once more on her last day. I never want to see her again.
Anyway, I should talk about who I am now. My name is Prince Feon Dee-Ruby Austin; I live with my wife, Leona Austin, and my four wonderful cubs, Lean, Fya, Leon, and Feona. I own all the land within 5 acres of my house, and I get rent from people who live on it. I have artificial knees and ribs, my skull is covered with carbon fibre and my hip is about 50% steel. I live in the middle of a country side, not too far from any town or city. I spend my time teaching my family how to fight, and hunt; my angel, Tikal, tells me of a storm coming, she doesn't know when.
Anyway, about two years after the events occurred with Warv and the band, I thought all was well, and relaxed, as best I can. My family was out to work and I was home
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Feon 10 by PureZOOKS Feon 10 :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 0 14 VD,G. Feon + Indeah by PureZOOKS VD,G. Feon + Indeah :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 5 11 Just me, not Feon or Sonic, by PureZOOKS Just me, not Feon or Sonic, :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 1 286 Feon ID by PureZOOKS Feon ID :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 12 222 Feon XXII by PureZOOKS Feon XXII :iconpurezooks:PureZOOKS 2 12
Feon, Part XXII: XMas
After my cubs settled in for the night,
I set up the decorations, with my new wife,
We put up the tinsel, the presents, the tree,
The treats for Santa, his milk and cookies,
I bent over to put out the fire I made,
When from behind me, my wife, kissed me and said,
"Almost Christmas honey, you wanna have some fun?",
I picked her up, said "Why not?" and ran to our room,
Things got a little hot so we slowed things down a bit,
When I heard suddenly, a noise of a click,
It was louder though, more like a crack,
Or rather a crackle, or maybe a snap,
I heard the clatter, upon the rooftop,
So I left the room and left my wife hot,
I looked out of the window, and saw above me,
Nothing more than the twig from a tree,
I closed the window and got back to my wife,
Then from down my stairs, I was frightened for her life,
I heard tearing and shredding and the sound of my cub's squeals,
But before I ran downstairs with the click of my heels,
I put on some underwear and my body grew a flare,
There was som
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Feon, Part 21: The End of Days
I was falling lord knows how far or fast, but we must have been flying through the air at a great speed, because I didn't hit the ground with as much brutality as I thought, but I was still knocked out. I landed again outside the stage, I was on the street out-side Blazes house. From what people told me, I was a dyeing man. Then, the nicest people from the party saw me outside, they saw me crash, so they took me to the medical bay around the back of the stage, not just a couple, but almost all of them, they left the party at Blaze's, as did many at the music gig, to help me. They lay me on the table and worked on me, fixing my broken leg, my burnt fur and skin. While they fixed my body Tails, his girlfriend, Rita and Sonia were busy making a form of transport, a strange motorbike-car cross over, looked like a Vandenbrink Carver, in bright orange. I mentioned I liked them when we first met.
Fixing me didn't take that long; I soon woke up, fit as the day, and opened up the garage to see
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yeah, I like pics of cute girls, made by some good artists, so what?


OK, so I haven't really dine anything in a long arse time, because i'm tired as hell and I can't really do anything. SO for now I'll just make this journal to say, I am still alive, and to advertise my finance's sibling account.

It has three people controlling it, 1 is sweet, 1 is fun, 1 is just plain awesome.
  • Listening to: Mumford and Sons
  • Reading: Q.I
  • Watching: ^_^
  • Playing: CODMW2
  • Eating: food of sorts
  • Drinking: nothing good


United Kingdom
Hi, i'm a bit new and i can't believe somone is looking at my profile finally, please comment below. ;)

what i'm hoping to do is be more an author than illustrator, I'm on the wrong site, lol.

Current Residence: England
deviantWEAR sizing preference: What's that?? uhhh A-cup
Print preference: Huh??
Favourite genre of music: old stuff with REAL instruments
Favourite photographer: Chuck Norris
Favourite style of art: Realism
Operating System: GIMP2.6
MP3 player of choice: My Phone
Shell of choice: WTF is a shell?!?
Wallpaper of choice: My Aston Martin One-7........picture
Skin of choice: WTF is with these questions
Favourite cartoon character: Chuck Norris
Personal Quote: I have tiny balls, balls like marbles. Is that personal enough?!

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